">Assured Towing , Inc. of Austin, TX. is one of the hottest tickets in the Austin, TX towing, impound and wrecker industry in over an entire generation. With their superior customer service and their award winning tow equipment and technology, they are the company to look to for the next evolution of towing services altogether. Incredible as it may seem, they have single handidly put the "Service" back in Towing Service. This has not been an easy task. They have battled this much needed change in the industry from some of their own kind in the towing world, because of their desire to keep things the way they have been for the last two decades. But, that is changing rapidly, as in every industry, there comes a time for growth, and with that growth, there are growing pains. They have helped with that considerably by changing the attitude with the most important people of all, their clients. That's right! The customer can once again know that they are King or Queen to this towing service giant. And surprisingly, they keep coming up with more and more services the bigger they get. Call Assured Towing, Inc. and see for your self just what all the fuss is really all about.
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